Common Questions

Can I use Seedr on my phone? Where is the app?

Yes. The site has been optimized for phones and tablets. We are working on the app and will notify users when it is released.

Can anyone see what I download?

No. Seedr encrypts all your connections so neither your ISP nor anyone in the middle can see what you download to your cloud.

I want to change my account email address

In most cases we forbid changing account email addresses due to security concerns. Please submit a ticket for further support.

Can anyone see my files?

No. Seedr storage is private. Every link you transfer to Seedr is encrypted and secure - as it should be.

I haven't found an answer. How do I contact you?

Click Add Ticket above, or click Contact Us at the bottom of the page in your Seedr account, or send an email to 

How can I permanently delete my account?

Please submit an account deletion request to our support team. Either email or click Contact Us at the bottom of your Seedr account. You will be asked to verify your email address, and your account will be deleted within a few days.

How long does it take for my subscription to activate after payment is done?

Your subscription is automatically activated once your payment is processed. This process can take a few minutes, and be sure to reload the site.

What happens when I cancel my subscription? Will my account stay premium?

If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a paid-for period your account will get downgraded at the end of it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription within your account. Please follow these instructions: You can always contact us directly to resolve any issues you may be having. You can click Contact Us at the bottom of the page when you're logged in to Seedr, or email us at 

Do you limit link transfer size?

Sizes of files being transferred into Seedr are only limited by the amount of unused space in your storage. You can see your available space on the top left of the file manager. Upgrade to get additional storage space and download bigger files.

How many files can I add?

There is no limit on the number of files you can add to your Seedr storage. However, there is a limit on the total storage capacity. The limit for your account is shown in the top left in your storage. It says which plan you have and the storage used/storage available. Once you've reached your limit you may delete files to clear room for new ones, upgrade your account, or get bonuses.

Why do I have additional charges in my payment?

Additional charges are not from Seedr. They are added by your payment provider. These could be caused by the following: If you experience additional charges, we suggest you reach out to your payment provider.

Why are my downloads slow?

Your location and your ISP are the main factors affecting your internet speed. Some ISPs choose bad routes between each other, and make it impossible for you to have fast internet and download speeds. To solve your slow download speeds you can do two things: Please be aware that free accounts are limited to 2 download connections at one time. Paid accounts get up to 8 parallel connections. For details, see our paid plans.

I added files from a private tracker and it says 'corrupt'. What's going on?

Private trackers do not include your information in the download links. You will need to download first to your computer, and then upload to Seedr. To use private trackers Have a Pro or Master account. Download the private link to your computer. Drag and drop the link file from your computer to the Seedr file manager. Enjoy!

Are my files checked for viruses?

No. We are working on integrating both NOD32 (for scanning files) and Kaspersky (for server security) to have a double layer of protection. Once the system is ready, Seedr users with paid plans will be automatically warned whenever we detect their storage has a file containing viruses. Files viewed directly on Seedr are safe. If you download files from Seedr to your device, or use Seedr via FTP or WebDAV, you are taking a risk.

Can anyone see my IP address?

No. Seedr handles all that for you by using our servers and networks, not yours. Using our system completely separates your devices from the outside network, and keeps your device sterile, private, and safe. There is no need to use a VPN to hide your IP address from the web since you are never directly connected to it when transferring files with Seedr.

Does Seedr use my internet to fetch files?

No. Seedr uses our own cloud to add files directly from the internet to your account. That's how your files get there so fast, up to 100MB/s. That is also why you can start a transfer into Seedr and close the site. Seedr never does anything on your device. For example, once you've added a link, you don't need to keep your device connected to the internet, or even powered on. You may come back later and have your files immediately available…

Do I need a VPN when using Seedr?

Using a VPN with Seedr is usually not recommended. Seedr traffic is already encrypted, and you never actually connect to the download network while using Seedr. Using a VPN may not do much, other than hurt your streaming and download performance from Seedr.

How much does Seedr seed?

We seed until reaching a 1:1 ratio for public trackers or up to 12 hours. For private trackers, the seeding time and ratio depends on which plan you've purchased. Please see our paid plans for details.

How much does it cost?

You can try Seedr for free, with a low storage limit. There are no daily or monthly limits for free users, and this can change at any time. Our paid plans start from $6.95 per month. They include increased storage, HD streaming, multiple parallel downloads, and a global network of servers to give you the best speeds.

What does it mean when a link is yellow or red?

When a download is rare, Seedr may get it very slowly, or might not have anywhere to get it from at all. To let you know the link may be slow we change its color. You can get more details by hovering over the warning (!) icon.

How do I change my payment method?

Go to My Account inside your Seedr and click Change Payment Method. Choose your new payment method and update your details. You will see the new method listed next to Active Method on the left of your Subscription Status page after it has been updated. This might take up to half an hour to display after the update.

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade in the middle of a subscription?

When you change your plan we immediately transfer all funds already paid and unused to your new subscription, and you are only billed when existing funds are used up. For Example: We make sure to have account changes instantaneous and simple and straightforward, you get what you pay for, no matter which plans you change between. Go to Paid Plans for a list of possible upgrades.

What is Seedr?

Seedr is an online service that enables you to import anything into your Seedr storage. Just copy the link, and paste in Seedr. All your files are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a browser. No matter where you are, or how slow and unreliable your internet connection is, Seedr is built to work for you. We have especially optimized the service for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and all the kinds of Android phones and tablets. Seedr uses…

How do I get more storage?

There are 2 ways to increase your storage space: By upgrading to any of the paid plans you get additional storage space, HD streaming and multiple parallel downloads. There are 3 monthly packages: There are no monthly limits on any of the paid packages, and you can always delete old content to clear space for the new. If you wish to get additional storage for free, go to Get Space, or get more information at How to: Get More Space. There are 2…

Why am I not seeing my free bonus storage?

Blog and Twitter bonuses are checked personally by us to see if they are valid. This usually takes several days, and can take up to a week. Regardless of the submission type, you will get an answer by email. You can also share your personal Seedr link with up to 4 friends. Find it at Seedr - Get Space and you and your friends can all get extra storage space. See How to: Get More Space for more information.

How do I play Seedr on my TV?

Seedr offers several methods to play content on your TV: The Seedr video player has built-in Google Chromecast support. Click the Chromecast button in the player to cast to your TV. Seedr is compatible with Apple AirPlay. You can cast from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We offer a Kodi extension for Seedr. Get the instructions at How to Use Seedr with Kodi. Smart TV If your TV has a built-in browser, you can open Seedr on your TV. Seedr is tuned…

Can I choose only some files to transfer into Seedr?

You cannot choose to only transfer some files to Seedr. You can choose to downlad only some files from Seedr to your computer. See the tutorial How to: Transfer files into Seedr for more information.

Do I need to leave the site open when I am transferring files from the web to my storage?

No! You can close Seedr at any time and fetching continues on our system. Seedr never uses your computer, browser, or bandwidth to get files from the internet to your storage.

How do I make Seedr get stuff for me?

Copy the download link or URL of the file you want to save In Seedr click Paste link URL Here You can access your file as soon as it finishes being imported to your Seedr storage. We have our own media and document viewers built into the site. You can play all your music and videos right in the site, and read your PDFs and EBooks, all with no extra software needed! For more info, see our articles in Seedr Pulse: Beginner's…

How do I add links directly in my browser, without opening Seedr?

Using Seedr's Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on, you are able to set Seedr as your default client, making it more comfortable to add links without switching between different windows. To add Seedr as a browser extension on Google Chrome, please go to our Chrome Extension. We have a complete Chrome extension tutorial to get you started. See How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge for instructions to install a Chrome Extension on the Microsoft Edge browser. There are some less well-known…

How do I stream my Seedr media on Kodi and Plex?

Kodi You will need a copy of the Seedr Kodi add-on and a Seedr account. Open Kodi, go to System > Settings > Add-ons Click Install from zip file Select the zip file you just downloaded, install it, and enable it. Go to Videos > Add-ons Click and copy the device code Go to, enter the code at Add media devices and click Add For a tutorial with screenshots on how to run Seedr on your media center with Kodi, go to our…

'Zip file corrupted' and other broken downloads

If you download files from Seedr, you should always use a download manager. Browsers are not optimized for large downloads. They cannot properly resume interrupted downloads, and often incorrectly report broken downloads as finished. A download manager will effortlessly and accurately resume your downloads whenever needed. It will also open multiple connections to better utilise your bandwidth. We recommend FDM. To have up to 8 concurrent connections for downloads, and best utilise them, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Does Seedr support FTP or WebDAV access?

Yes. Seedr fully supports FTP on With a Master account, you can connect your FTP and WebDav clients to our endpoint at using your Seedr account email and password. Both endpoints have been tested and work well with VLC, Kodi and Infuse! They are even tuned for streaming. You must sign in to FTP and WebDAV with an email and password. If you use Social Sign In, submit a new password request using the email associated with your connected Google or…