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What is Seedr?

Seedr is an online service that enables you to import anything into your Seedr storage. Just copy the link, and paste in Seedr. All your files are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a browser. No matter where you are, or how slow and unreliable your internet connection is, Seedr is built to work for you. We have especially optimized the service for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and all the kinds of Android phones and tablets. Seedr uses…

How do I make Seedr get stuff for me?

Copy the download link or URL of the file you want to save In Seedr click Paste link URL Here You can access your file as soon as it finishes being imported to your Seedr storage. We have our own media and document viewers built into the site. You can play all your music and videos right in the site, and read your PDFs and EBooks, all with no extra software needed! For more info, see our articles in Seedr Pulse: Beginner's…

Do I need to leave the site open when I am transferring files from the web to my storage?

No! You can close Seedr at any time and fetching continues on our system. Seedr never uses your computer, browser, or bandwidth to get files from the internet to your storage.

Why am I not seeing my free bonus storage?

Blog and Twitter bonuses are checked personally by us to see if they are valid. This usually takes several days, and can take up to a week. Regardless of the submission type, you will get an answer by email. You can also share your personal Seedr link with up to 4 friends. Find it at Seedr - Get Space and you and your friends can all get extra storage space. See How to: Get More Space for more information.

What does it mean when a link is yellow or red?

When a download is rare, Seedr may get it very slowly, or might not have anywhere to get it from at all. To let you know the link may be slow we change its color. You can get more details by hovering over the warning (!) icon.

How do I add links directly in my browser, without opening Seedr?

Using Seedr's Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on, you are able to set Seedr as your default client, making it more comfortable to add links without switching between different windows. To add Seedr as a browser extension on Google Chrome, please go to our Chrome Extension. We have a complete Chrome extension tutorial to get you started. See How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge for instructions to install a Chrome Extension on the Microsoft Edge browser. There are some less well-known…

I haven't found an answer. How do I contact you?

Click Add Ticket above, or click Contact Us at the bottom of the page in your Seedr account, or send an email to