Privacy & Security (8)

Does Seedr use my internet to fetch files?

No. Seedr uses our own cloud to add files directly from the internet to your account. That's how your files get there so fast, up to 100MB/s. That is also why you can start a transfer into Seedr and close the site. Seedr never does anything on your device. For example, once you've added a link, you don't need to keep your device connected to the internet, or even powered on. You may come back later and have your files immediately available…

Can anyone see my IP address?

No. Seedr handles all that for you by using our servers and networks, not yours. Using our system completely separates your devices from the outside network, and keeps your device sterile, private, and safe. There is no need to use a VPN to hide your IP address from the web since you are never directly connected to it when transferring files with Seedr.

I want to change my account email address

In most cases we forbid changing account email addresses due to security concerns. Please submit a ticket for further support.

Can anyone see what I download?

No. Seedr encrypts all your connections so neither your ISP nor anyone in the middle can see what you download to your cloud.

Are my files checked for viruses?

No. We are working on integrating both NOD32 (for scanning files) and Kaspersky (for server security) to have a double layer of protection. Once the system is ready, Seedr users with paid plans will be automatically warned whenever we detect their storage has a file containing viruses. Files viewed directly on Seedr are safe. If you download files from Seedr to your device, or use Seedr via FTP or WebDAV, you are taking a risk.

Can anyone see my files?

No. Seedr storage is private. Every link you transfer to Seedr is encrypted and secure - as it should be.

Do I need a VPN when using Seedr?

Using a VPN with Seedr is usually not recommended. Seedr traffic is already encrypted, and you never actually connect to the download network while using Seedr. Using a VPN may not do much, other than hurt your streaming and download performance from Seedr.

How can I permanently delete my account?

Please submit an account deletion request to our support team. Either email or click Contact Us at the bottom of your Seedr account. You will be asked to verify your email address, and your account will be deleted within a few days.