Using Seedr's Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on, you are able to set Seedr as your default client, making it more comfortable to add links without switching between different windows.

Google Chrome

To add Seedr as a browser extension on Google Chrome, please go to our Chrome Extension. We have a complete Chrome extension tutorial to get you started.

Microsoft Edge

See How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge for instructions to install a Chrome Extension on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Other browsers that support Chrome extensions

There are some less well-known browsers that also support Chrome Extensions:

There are many more Chromium-based browsers, and they are changing all the time. If your browser supports the Chrome Web Store, you can use the Seedr Chrome Extension.

Other browsers that support Firefox Add-ons

There are also some alternative browsers that support Firefox Add-ons:

Browsers that support Firefox Add-ons are always changing and evolving. If your browser supports them, you can use the Seedr Firefox Add-on.