How do I get more storage?

There are 2 ways to increase your storage space:

Upgrade your plan

By upgrading to any of the paid plans you get additional storage space, HD streaming and multiple parallel downloads.

There are 3 monthly packages:

  • Basic for $6.95, 30GB total storage
  • Pro for $9.95, 100GB total storage
  • Master for 19.95, 1TB total storage

There are no monthly limits on any of the paid packages, and you can always delete old content to clear space for the new.


If you wish to get additional storage for free, go to Get Space, or get more information at How to: Get More Space.

There are 2 types of bonuses:

  • Write a Twitter or blog post
  • Share your personal link

You can get 500 MB for a Twitter post and each friend that signs up with your link, and either 1 GB or 500 MB for a blog post.