How to: Invite Friends and Get More Space


To upgrade your Seedr account, go to Seedr Premium. Or, in your Seedr, click Upgrade Storage in the top left of the screen.

seedr upgrade storage circled

Click Select on whichever plan you'd like.

There are multiple local currency options available. Choose either PayPal, or the credit/debit card option to see if your currency is listed.

Complete the process for whichever payment method you've chosen. You will receive a confirmation email.

Your account has now been upgraded! You can enoy all the new benefits immediately, or in up to half an hour in rare cases.

You can see the detailed article about upgrading your account for more information.

Free Space

Earn free space in Seedr here, or in your Seedr, open the menu in the top right of the screen and click Earn FREE Space.

earn free space in seedr

Here you will see the two ways you can get more space: by making a post, or by sharing directly with up to 4 friends.

Making a post

Each of these options is limited to 1 per user.


Tweet a review of Seedr. Make sure to include the handle @seedrcoil in your tweet! Then go to Get Space and click the button Get Free Space under Twitter.

twitter free space button

You will receive 500 MB of storage.


Write a short article on how Seedr helped you. Make sure to link to Then go to Get Space and click the button Get Free Space under Personal Blog Post.

blog post free space button

You will receive either 500MB or 1GB of storage.

Invite friends

Visit Get Space, scroll down, and copy your custom link under Have your friends join you and become Seedrs.

Personal link to share Seedr with your friends

Share that link, and when someone signs up from it, both you and them will get 500MB. This is limited to 4 signups with your link, so you can get up to 2GB total.