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July 2015

XBMC/Kodi Extension Prototype now Available

By |July 13th, 2015|

We are proud to announce our new XBMC/Kodi extension Stream your Seedr video and audio library directly to your home theater/multimedia system ! All you need to do is install the extension , attach it to your account and all your Seedr library will be available for use on your TV To learn how to [...]

Has geoblocking gone too far ?

By |July 8th, 2015|

Netflix, HBO-Go and Torrent Ban in Australia If you are a citizen of Australia -- You can now say goodbye to Netflix, HBO-Go and Torrent at the very least. In Australia, the Senate just voted to act out legislation to block sites in a bid to cleanup on out of control piracy. The house of [...]

Chrome Extension 0.62 Released

By |July 5th, 2015|

( Click here to download the extension ) We are proud to release the new and improved seedr extension for chrome users . Among the improved features : Support for a wider selection of torrent sites smoother and more reliable torrent system automatic  logged-in     enjoy the smooth experience 

Exclusive Seedr Player Released

By |July 2nd, 2015|

We are proud to announce our new and exclusive video player! We have developed a specialty video player for streaming lovers , with everything you need : 1.) no more waiting for the end of video conversion to watch your videos - from now on , watch videos instantly! 2.) Improved subtitles support - add subtitles [...]

How to Stream & View Files

By |July 1st, 2015|

After you have downloaded a file whether if its a video file, music file or even an epub book file you will want to know how to use it, so in this tutorial we will show you how you do that: lets start with the video file. 1. First you will need to click on [...]

June 2015

Seedr & Chrome ( Extension )

By |June 21st, 2015|

Adding the seedr add-on tutorial: In this tutorial you will learn how to add the seedr add-on and how to use it to add files. First you will need to get the seedr add-on so let's start by explaining that: Open your chrome browser , then click on the controller icon which looks like this: A menu of the [...]