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How to: Use subtitles with OpenSubtitles

Seedr's built-in video player incorporates subtitles from Open Subtitles. They offer subtitles in up to 57 different languages, depending which video you choose.


Add subtitles

Open the video you want to play. See our Beginner's tutorial for more details.

Top right of the screen

Click the grey square box in the top right of the video player with a magnifying glass and CC in it.

CC magnifying glass

Skip to the section Change subtitle language if you want to choose a different language.

Click USE next to whichever subtitle set you'd like.

Bottom right of the screen

In the bottom right of the video player, there is a button labeled CC

CC icon bottom right of video player

Click it to open this menu. The grey bar indicates which option you currently have selected.

Seedr video player bottom right cc menu

Click Search.

Skip to the next section to change the language.

Click USE next to the subtitle set you want to use.

Change subtitle language

To change the language, follow either set of steps above to add subtitles, until the message to skip to change the language.

Click the dropdown in the top left under Language and choose your preferred language. 

change language dropdown in Seedr video player

Not all languages are supported, and it will vary by video. You can add subtitles for the video in a menu. See the section below.

Click USE on the subtitle set you prefer.

Upload Subtitles

Open the menu in the bottom right of the screen (see the section Add subtitles - Bottom right of the screen above for details). Click Add in the top left of the menu.

upload subtitles for the current video

Choose the file to upload and select the language from the dropdown. Click Add Subtitles

Once your subtitles have uploaded successfully, you can use them immediately.

Use default subtitles

Open the menu in the bottom right of the screen (see Add subtitles - Bottom right of the screen above for details). Click English.

Disable subtitles

To disable subtitles, open the menu from the section Add Subtitles above and click Hide Subs.

hide subtitles button in seedr

Sync the subtitles with the video

On the top right of the screen, to the left of the CC button with the magnifying glass, there is a tool to sync the subtitles with the video. Put the mouse pointer close to the left of the CC button to see the tool more easily.

tool to sync subtitles and video in seedr

You can either use the up and down arrows to adjust the sync, or type it manually.

The time in the sync tool being negative makes the subtitles appear sooner compared to the content in the video. The time being positive makes the subtitles appear later.

Check out OpenSubtitles to learn more about them.

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