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How to: Use Seedr over FTP, feat. FileZilla

Seedr's Pro and Master subscribers can enjoy the benefits of using Seedr over FTP. Follow the steps below and you will be using Seedr via FTP in no time.

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a protocol that originated in the very early days of computers -- 1971. It is used to transfer files from a server to a user's computer.

A couple of decades later, a successor to FTP was created. It is known as FTPS, due to the increased security FTPS offers compared to the original FTP. Seedr fully supports FTPS.

Do I need extra software to use FTPS with Seedr?

Yes, you need an FTP client. This guide uses FileZilla.

How do I use Seedr with FTPS?

Open your preferred FTPS client. In this case, we're using FileZilla. If you're using a different FTP client, some things will be displayed differently for you.

Enter ftps:// in the Host field, and your Seedr Username and Password.

ftps required fields

Please note, if you sign in with Facebook, you must also have an email address registered with your Seedr account. Check if you already have one or contact Seedr Support to add an email to your account.

Click Quickconnect or press Enter on the keyboard.

You will see a few status updates, then "Directory listing of "/" successful"

successful login status

On the center right of the window, your Seedr files are displayed.

sample remote site content

Note that the "Local site" file path is where files from Seedr will be saved on your computer. Update this path if necessary.

sample local site content

Now you can enjoy using Seedr over FTP.

Next, add some files to your Seedr account. Read our Chrome extension guide or start using our Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on now.