Seedr Eating

Beginner's Tutorial 

Welcome to Seedr! 

We get you your files anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection. The site has been optimized for mobile devices, so using our site with tablets and phones is easy and quick!

Sign up

Please start by signing up for a new account on our homepage.

Fill your information in the signup form, and click Register With Email.

Seedr homepage with login circled

Submit a captcha, then you will see a success message.

Sign up success message

Activate your account

You will receive an activation email.

Open it and click Activate Seedr.

Activation email button

This will direct you to the Seedr site.

Click Activate Account.

Seedr site activation button

You will be logged in to your brand new Seedr account, with some basic pointers and a file to get you started.

Initial interface overview
  1. Account status and upgrade link
  2. Your files
  3. Search
  4. Transfer your files into Seedr 

How to add files

Copy the URL or link of the item you want to add to your Seedr.

Paste the URL or link in the box on the top of the screen that says Paste link URL Here.

Press enter or click the + next to the link you just pasted.

Paste here to import to Seedr

You will see Download added to home folder at the top of the screen if the item was added successfully. 

If you see a warning that you don't have enough space to add the item you want, or you want to transfer more items into Seedr at once, you can upgrade your account.

If your transfer is successful, you will see your new file transferring into your Seedr.

file importing into seedr

Read How to: Transfer files into Seedr to learn all the ways to add files to your Seedr.

How to view files on Seedr

Click on a file or folder to open it.

First file highlighted

Click the item you want to view or play, and it will open inside Seedr.

Video starting to play inside Seedr

How to download from Seedr

You may download individual files and even entire folders from Seedr.
When choosing multiple files or a folder to download, Seedr will generate a zip archive for you.

Downloading a selection

To start a download, right click the folder you want to download. Click Download

You can select multiple items by clicking and using the Shift or CTRL(CMD on Mac) keys on your keyboard.

seedr right click menu to download file

Choose to open or save, click OK, and your download will begin.

Quickly download a single file/folder

To quickly initiate a download of a single file or folder, hover your cursor over the item to download and click the download icon.

quick action download button in seedr

Choose where to save it and what to call it, and click OK

Read How to: Stream and view files to learn more.