How to: Supercharge Internet Speed on Your Smartphone

//How to: Supercharge Internet Speed on Your Smartphone

There is a good chance that your smartphone has become slower over time, especially when you are trying to access the Internet or use mobile torrents. The slow download speed may easily cause you to get frustrated and annoyed with your smartphone.

But what if I told you that you can easily fix this, and have the same experience as you did the first day you put your hands on your phone? Would you like to learn how? Here are the 6 easy tips and tricks to help you boost the internet speed on your smartphone.

Clearing Your Phone’s Cache

Sometimes you may experience a slow Internet speed as a consequence of an app misbehaving. This usually happens when your phone cache becomes too large. The cache is a convenient thing for saving images and other types of data so that it can be displayed on your screen much faster. But when your phone starts misbehaving and your Internet speed seems a bit slower, it is a good sign that you need to clear your phone’s cache.

The first thing you should do is clear the cache for the app that is misbehaving. To do this, you have to access Settings > Apps, select the app that appears to be slowing down the Internet speed and select Clear Cache. Don’t worry, as this won’t delete your login information.

If this doesn’t help, there is one more method to try. It includes wiping your app’s data. This time, you will select Clear Data, usually right above the Clear Cache button. This will reset your app as if you have never used it before. If it’s a game, say goodbye to your progress, if it’s an app, you will have to log in again. Make sure you know the username and password.

Removing Background Apps and Widgets

While using your phone over the years, you might have installed some backgrounds apps and widgets you are not using anymore. These are still running in the background, slowing down your streaming and downloads.

When you want to dedicate your phones RAM to a downloading app and make sure that it gets the most out of your internet connection, you have to kill all background apps. This is different on every phone. On Samsung phones, you have to press and hold the two 90 degree-angles icon to bring out the interface that lets you close the apps.

If there are any widgets that you are not using, you might consider removing them from your screen, as they constantly ping the servers for updates, thus slowing your streaming speed. This will get the load of your connection and enable smoother streaming of your mobile torrents.

Apps Can Help

Using apps specifically developed for streaming and downloading will also help you take maximum advantage of your internet connection.

Download Managers

One of the best web-apps to help you quickly and anonymously start a torrent download, stream media and read ebooks is Seedr. More importantly, it’s extremely light, and being online doesn’t use any space on your phone.

Seedr lets you access everything on multiple devices – no Sync necessary. You can access the torrent download library from any device and stream the data on whichever smartphone or tablet you want.

Download Accelerators

Download accelerators are the apps built to support downloading files in parallel parts, thus increasing and accelerating download speeds. These types of app are particularly convenient for those of you who enjoy streaming videos and music on your mobile devices. 

Wi-Fi vs Cellular Data

In order to maximise your streaming and downloading speed on your smartphone device, you have to know your Wi-Fi and Cellular data settings and opportunities. When it comes to cellular data, you have to check with your mobile carrier to see what options you have inside your contract. Some carriers offer the fastest Internet speeds while limiting the amount of data that you can stream and download.

This is why you should save your cellular data for when you are on the go, and stream/download the data when you are connected to high-speed Wi-Fi. Pay special attention when you are travelling, because without an international plan, using your cellular data can turn out to be very expensive.

Optimize Your Browser

Once your internet browser becomes sluggish, it’s time to optimize it. Since Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser on Android devices, here is how to speed it up. First, check if you are running the latest version.

Then, you have to open your Chrome, press the 3-dot menu button and select Settings. Look for the Data Save option and toggle it on. This way, all the data you want to access gets sent to Google servers first to be compressed and optimized for the best mobile experience. Make sure to clean the Google Chrome cache from time to time to keep it fast and steady.

Enable Maximal Data Loading

To boost the streaming and downloading speed on your phone, you should enable maximal data loading. To do this, you need to access Network Settings and change your GPRS transfer prefer option from “call prefer” to “data prefer”.

This will significantly increase streaming and downloading speed on your mobile device when you are using cellular data, which may be particularly useful when you want to get done with your torrent download as fast as possible.

Hopefully, these six tips will help you boost the Internet speed on your smartphone. If you complete each of these steps, you will enjoy a completely new experience with mobile torrents and streaming of your favorite content online.

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