How to: Improve Your Internet Speed

//How to: Improve Your Internet Speed

If your internet connection is not as stable and fast as you would like it to be, chances are that you are wondering whether or not you can do something about it. No matter how good our internet provider might be, sometimes it is simply not up to them to make your connection better.

There are other factors that are out of their hands and you need to do certain things on your own to get the internet speed you deserve. In this guide, we will share information about things that you can do to accelerate your internet and see clear results of your actions.

Know your router

One of the most common problems for unstable internet connections and slow download speeds is a bad router. Most internet providers give their users old routers that are outdated and unreliable, especially if you want high speeds. You need to check what your modem model is, how old it is, and on which frequencies it works.

There is always a chance that your router is simply not compatible with the internet connection you are using. On the other hand, it could simply send a bad signal or not have the power to manage the internet speed you have.

Update drivers & browser

Router and modem drivers need to be updated on a regular basis in order to work properly. The internet is fast-paced and things change very quickly, including protocols, security, and other things. This means that there are constantly new updates you need to install in order for them to work properly.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure that your browser is up to date for the same reasons, as sometimes browsers work slowly not because of the internet but because they don’t have the patches it needs to operate properly.

Predict network actions

People using Google Chrome have the option called “predicting network actions” which, when turned off, can improve your browsing speed. This feature simply pre-loads pages that you are planning on visiting and opens them up instantly when you click on them. Here is how to do it.

Remove extensions you don’t use

While we use our internet browser, we often add various extensions. We use some of them, while there are others that we used just once and never again or those that we installed just because we were able to download or install something else for free.

Those extensions can potentially steal a lot of your internet speed. You can check this by opening the task manager and by clicking on “network”; whichever extension is there delete it.

Use download managers

When making direct downloads through your browser, it opens up a single stream through which it downloads files. These streams are always limited to a certain speed and even if you have a 15 Mbps download speed, you won’t be able to go over the limit. Using a download manager software to directly download files allow it to open up more streams simultaneously and get faster downloads. This is a reliable download accelerator solution that works and many people are using this kind of software.

Clearing browsing data

When web developers make changes to files and change websites or their web services to launch new features, the cached files which are no longer viable are still used by the browser. This will not only cause your browser to give you the old versions of a certain file, but it will also work slower. This I why it is a good idea to clear your browsing data from time to time.

Disabling hardware acceleration

To disable hardware acceleration in Chrome, click on Settings, open Advanced Settings on the bottom of the page, find the box labelled System, in which you’ll see the option Use hardware acceleration when available. Simply uncheck this option and you’re done.

If you are using Firefox, go to the Options menu, click on Advanced, find the Use hardware acceleration when available option and uncheck it. Hit the OK button to finish the process.

You’ll have to restart your browser for the new changes to take effect.

Despite the fact that hardware acceleration is designed to increase the speed of your computer, it often does the opposite. If you have a strong CPU but your other components are weaker, you might be worse off than without hardware acceleration. This is why disabling it would be a good idea.
This applies to both your video card and network card. Read more about this at your network card manufacturer website.

Don’t know which network adapter you have? read more about it Here

Firewall and antivirus issues

Your firewall and antivirus software have important functions but sometimes they can limit your torrent download speed. This is because they check every package that is sent to your computer and this might limit the speed quite a lot. If you are certain that a certain file you are downloading is safe, disable these two until you’ve made the download or switch to more reliable software that doesn’t slow down your speed.

Use Cloudflare DNS

When you get your internet, your provider sets a default DNS resolver on your browser. The job of a DNS is to tell your computer to which servers it is best to connect to reach a certain website as quickly as possible. Cloudflare DNS has an upgraded DNS resolver which is much faster than the default one, allowing you to reach addresses more quickly.

Setup Cloudflare DNS On Windows and Linux

Follow the instructions and you will be able to speed up your internet connection by a margin, and additionally prevent your ISP from following the websites you visit(the default DNS is your ISP’s)

Follow this advice that we gave to you today and we guarantee you that you will be able to accelerate your internet connection and download torrents in no time.

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