HTML5 Video Player Released

//HTML5 Video Player Released

We are very proud to announce the new Seedr HTML5 video player!

Whats Happening?

With the recent advances in technology, we were able to develop a completely new video technology custom-built for the demands of the online streaming user.
Fast seeking, accurate and responsive subtitles offset, support for all modern mobile browsers, snappy playback, high quality and faster load times.

No more delays when loading videos and no more unneeded lag when you should be enjoying your favorite show (:


Who Can Use The HTML5 Video Player?

1.) Chrome
2.) Firefox 42+ (Firefox users are encouraged to update to the latest version to be affected)
3.) Internet Explorer 11+
4.) Chrome Mobile
5.) Safari(iOS and OSX)
6.) Microsoft Edge

What Now?

Give the new player a go and tell us what you think (:
The new player is feature-compatible with the old player and should work in a similar manner.

Coming soon is support for playlists and quick browsing of different videos embedded in the player itself.

Give it a try at

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