Resellers Wanted

//Resellers Wanted

We are very excited to announce our new Seedr Resellers Program. Come team up with us and earn money selling the product you love.

At Seedr, we have received numerous requests to support additional payment methods.
To create more options, we are turning to you.

By becoming a Seedr Approved Reseller you will receive significant discounts on package prices, and various options for profit.



  • Reseller discounts up to 30%
  • Add-ons and packages as Paid-Per-Use
  • Graphic Management Console
  • Specialty Resellers API to manage your subscriptions
  • Referrer API to direct new users staright to your Reseller Method
  • Monthly Promotions
  • 24/7 Support
  • Listing on the payment page as an accepted payment method
  • A Seedr Approved Reseller seal for your site


Special Offers

A Value Added Reseller is a reseller who is able to offer additional services that complement the product being sold.

If you offer any services that complement Seedr users, pending approval by us, you will be allowed to bundle them with Seedr offerings on your site.

Some examples of services we would consider for bundles:

  • VPN Providers
  • Proxy Providers
  • Firewalls
  • Any Anonymity Services

If we see special value in the suggested offerings – Special terms may be offered.



  • An initial funds deposit
  • SSL secured system in case of online sales
  • Guarantees of user information safety

Mail us at, and specify the following:

  • A list of countries where you wish to sell
  • A description of your planned sales channels

Please specify a list of payment options which you can support.

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