Bittorrent explained with Humpty Dumpty

//Bittorrent explained with Humpty Dumpty

Read this, for whether or not you know – you need it. Now I’ll tell you why. BitTorrent – a contemporary protocol for file sharing that me and you and that one neighbor your really hate — who drills all day and rocks all night — totally need.

Perhaps you have heard about it but never got to using it. If that’s your story – it’s time to learn more.

What’s in it for you?

Imagine your favorite film. No matter what it is! If you want to spend an enjoyable evening watching it – you need to download a file. But big file sharing websites have some equally big restrictions. For example – if you and a thousand different people want to enjoy it (Especially that neighbor who wouldn’t stop drilling!) at the same time – downloading directly can fail. You and all of the people who want to watch it have to wait or go do something else. Maybe in these dark times you will meet the love of your life, but what if not?

This unfortunate situation has been our reality for most of internet-history. But times are changing. In 2001 programmer Bram Cohen made the first peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, making it theoretically possible – for the popular files to be faster instead of slower. It was still a prototype, but also a precursor for what’s to come.

How does it work?

What doesBitTorrent do? Imagine the same film – the one we talked about earlier. Technically it is a file and it has a size. In the past – you had to download all this information from the same source. And if you have had any problems – you needed to start again. What is the difference?BitTorrent has a plan for you and your file. Your computer can take your film from many computers worldwide by little parts, one after the other. Next it puts them together – and you have your movie for the evening without trying too hard.

Bittorrent Humpty Dumpty piece back together

BitTorrent can piece him back together (:

Your file is now like Humpty Dumpty but you don’t need all the king’s horses and all the kings’ men – just a computer – do you remember? – there is a plan

At the same time you give a little back – your computer shares some small parts of the file you downloaded with others. And in this manner all of the network users become a source for all other users. If some some go offline or fail – no problem – there are many others waiting to share with you.

In BitTorrent – True power lies with the users. They keep the network fast, share advice, and always helpful with questions – whether technical or not. Help comes before You can say Jack Robinson. This is a community – One advantage BitTorrent has.

Before BitTorrent you were left guessing – what files are safe? how can I make this work faster? Now answers are openly available – and even some new ideas. Feel the difference.

Life with BitTorrent

Every month more than 170 million people use BitTorrent. Some of them are regular people with regular needs, some of them are large business owners… doesn’t matter!

The world is accelerating, the world is becoming quicker and smarter. You can have everything at the same time – But only if you are prepared to accept the new rules.

BitTorrent can give you new opportunities for sharing and downloading any information, for streaming it etc’. Nowadays BitTorrent is not only a technology but also idea. An easy solution for content-producers, taking power from large companies and giving it back to the artists. Content producers are catching on, and more content is being shared over the BitTorrent platform. BitTorrent Bundle lets you get content such as – music, games, videos, free of charge or for a fee.

Also you can find a lot of life hacks for easier life with BitTorrent – apps for mobile gadgets, forums, data-storages etc. All this products have many different interesting and useful possibilities for every guy in this world.

By the way, in this article we were talked a lot about entertainment – but what about doing business? BitTorrent is expanding – Check out the new syncing tool for professionals BitTorrent Sync . You can share information with people in your team without any delay. If you have partners or workers anywhere across the world – Time to move forward from heavy, old technology.

It’s a comfortable, contemporary and useful technology that becoming is part of a  lifestyle. Giving back some of the power to us, the users.

I wrote many words to tell you about this amazing product and opportunity, but there are no words better than your own experience. Try it now and we’ll talk next time – not about “why I need it” nor about “what is it”. Let’s talk about “How can I better use it?”.

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