Has geoblocking gone too far ?

//Has geoblocking gone too far ?

Netflix, HBO-Go and Torrent Ban in Australia

If you are a citizen of Australia — You can now say goodbye to Netflix, HBO-Go and Torrent at the very least. In Australia, the Senate just voted to act out legislation to block sites in a bid to cleanup on out of control piracy.

The house of the Senate has been arguing revisions to the law all day, with the Greens and Independent senators trying to water down the legislation. The last vote has immediately taken place, with the Bill passing with thirty yes votes to only 13 against.

Now, the bill is to be signed into regulation by the Governor-General and it is just a matter of time before the first websites get banned and blocked.

Scott Ludlam, Greens Senator, is the one who proposed a considerable revision to the Bill. This Bill was supported by the Coalition and Labor. The Greens against the Bill passed with no major amendments. The planned revision that was voted down all through the day wanted to postpone the Bill until the Information Technology Pricing Inquiry news can be involved , in order to make a reasonalble bill — block illegal content, and let honest, working people enjoy the services they love – whether torrents or online streaming.
Not everything is always “objectionable material.”

One person had the right idea
Particularly, Senator Ludlam proposed the following:

  • Revise the bill and delay until the Australian Law Reform goes through proper channel
  • Get to the bottom of the meaning of websites targeted in the Bill so that it can’t include ( wrongfully so ) Virtual Private Networks, “VPNs” that have lawful, reliable as well as legitimate uses.
  • Impose additional restrictions on the bill and focus on websites that actually facilitate copyright infringement.
  • Better focus the definition of copyright infringement in order to spell out that the website should be “blatantly infringing copyright.” This referred to somewhere else in the Bill. Something that is free for interpretation at the moment.
  • Allow 3rd parties like public interest groups and consumers to partake in the selection process and let site owners respond to allegations legally.
  • Revise the Copyright Act to openly and clearly state that dodging geo-blocking doesn’t make up copyright infringement – Green Senators bill is unclear at present.
  • Provide any third-party the capability and facility to look for a review of a site block and ban
  • The Bill has gone through the Upper House without any successful amendment — very unfortunately so


VPNs and various file sharing services have a broad selection of lawful , and often legitimate objectives. not the least of is preserving privacy – a basic human right !
Taking away user privacy and putting them under stringent control of large corporations is a dire mistake that will backfire in the end.

Has geoblocking gone too far ?

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  1. gridsleep November 1, 2016 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    The Internet was designed to survive a global nuclear war. The Internet sees censorship as damage and routes around it.

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