After you have downloaded a file whether if its a video file, music file or even an epub book file you will want to know how to use it,
so in this tutorial we will show you how you do that:
lets start with the video file.

First you will need to click on the folder with the video file in it like this:


Now you will be inside the video folder all you need to do now is simply double click on the video file to start watching it


Our video player will start and it looks like this:


Now you can watch and enjoy the movie.

want to add subtitles? just click here to find out how to do it


At seedr we also have a music player which allows you to listen to music wherever you will go

now we will explain how to use it:


now that you are in it should look like this:


Simply double click on the music file(usually its the files that end with .mp3)


Now the music player will pop-up and it looks like this:


The music player will start playing automatically the file that you clicked on and it will show you all the other songs in the folder as a playlist.

To navigate between songs simply click on the songs you want to listen to



Read your books wherever you go with the Seedr EPUB reader !

First click on the book folder:


Inside the folder double click on the epub book file:


now our book reader will pop up and it looks like this:



Enjoy !