As you may have noticed — you can organize files into folders and even sort by name or date, in this tutorial we will show you how

Copy & Paste 

You may copy/paste the file where you want it to be but first you need to create a new folder so lets start with that:
Simply click on “+Create folder”


A window will pop-up that will ask you to give the folder a name, give it a name and click “Ok”


Now that you have created a folder you can “right click” on the file you want to copy


Go inside the folder you have created by clicking on it now you will see the content of the folder, “right click” inside and choose “Paste into”


Now the file that you copied is inside the folder that you created.

To delete a file you will need to “right click” on the file you wish to delete and click delete like so:


You can also drag & drop the file you want to transfer like this:
Click and hold on the file you want and drag it to the folder you want to move it into


Simply drop it ( release the left mouse button ) and the file will be inside the folder you dropped it

Sort Files

You may  sort files by date(the date that you added them) or by name ( alphatical ):


Now you have learned how to organize files in your seedr account.

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