Seedr in a blanket

Seedr's Firefox Add-on

What are browser add-ons and extensions?

Add-ons and extensions make your browser more powerful. They are usually made by third parties, not by the company who created your browser. They can do a wide range of tasks and enhancements, including sharpening audio, creating and editing screenshots, and adding selected files to your Seedr storage.

How do I know if an extension is safe?

Anyone can make a browser add-on, so some of the extensions are insecure and not trustworthy. There are a few things you can check before installing an extension to protect yourself:
  • How many users it has. The more installations the better. Less than 1000 users is very low.
  • Who made it. If you're looking for an extension for a specific service, such as Seedr, this can help you know if you found the right one. In Seedr's case, it was made by Seedr, exactly as you'd expect.
  • The rating. If it has a poor rating, it probably won't do what it claims anyway. 
The one exception to these guidelines is when a company you know and trust releases their new browser extension. In that case they would have very few users, and maybe no rating at all. If you're certain it's legitimate, give it a try!
After evaluating these three factors, you can decide if the extension you're considering is likely to be safe.