December 2015

High Definition Video – Is There a Difference

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Gaming consoles are providing HD games; most of the public service broadcasters that include BBC, Channel 5, ITV and Channel 4 have dedicated HD channels while the streaming services like Prime Instant Video and Netflix play HD movies. But a lot of people wonder, what on earth is High Definition video? HD actually refers to [...]

November 2015

Bittorrent explained with Humpty Dumpty

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Read this, for whether or not you know – you need it. Now I’ll tell you why. BitTorrent – a contemporary protocol for file sharing that me and you and that one neighbor your really hate -- who drills all day and rocks all night -- totally need. Perhaps you have heard about it but never [...]

All aboard the hype train: YouTube Red is coming

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We live in a constantly changing world - revolutionary changes in technology are a day-to-day occurrence, the "next big thing" is always around the corner. Live video streaming is no exception. With mobile internet becoming more widespread, and 3G and 4G internet taking over the landscape, video streaming is poised to replace broadcast television as [...]

July 2015

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